Welcome to Veda

Veda is a real estate developer whose sole aim is to provide you with the best housing experience, in terms of luxury, quality and technology.

Veda is backed by a team of people who have got rich experience in real estate, having built millions of square feet of luxury housing.

The same knowledge, passion in planning execution and healthy business practice reflect in every Veda home.

Why Veda

3 fundamentals of our existence

At Veda Ventures the 3 aspects converge to create your home:

Experience: Our team of professionals puts in their expansive experience to design, develop and deliver homes of supreme quality.

Excellence: Our expertise in the multiple aspects of real estate ensures that every element of your home is thoughtfully planned.

Environment: Our conscious effort to care for the environment reflects in our sustainable approach towards our projects.

Inspiring a feeling of belonging

A home is a beautiful mélange of faces and places, sights and sounds, tastes and feelings, and a whole lot of memories. It is a special cove where you get to be yourself and know that you belong. Veda Ventures opens new horizons to create a space that you can call 'home'. Established in 2012, Veda Ventures is a premier real estate development company in Pune. With commitment to quality and value for money, we aim to build confidence and trust for homes you have invested your heart in. With a keen eye for detail, our experts ensure that no aspect of your home is compromised on quality. Our team works meticulously to give a personal touch to it and helps you make it your own.

Building your home inside-out

While building homes, Veda's key focus is you and your family who dream to live in them. That's why, though exterior design, elevations and amenities are vital facets, smart and comfortable space planning forms the core of our projects. Our team engages ample time and effort in planning the layout of your home ensuring that every inch is utilised with minimum wastage of space. It helps us focus on the pain areas of spaces and reduce them while designing aesthetics and elevation as well.

Aiming for a sustainable future

Veda Ventures is aware of its responsibilities towards the environment and takes active initiatives to safeguard it. We plan our projects smartly to lower their running expenditures with abundant natural light and ventilation. With the help of solar panels, we help you reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Celebrating excellence in every way

Veda Ventures thrives on a strong foundation of good work. It inspires a culture of growth in the industry with constant commitment towards government laws and regulations. With this in mind, we also look forward to opportunities in contracting like building for other builders and for semi government organisations.

Our Vision

We aspire to create innovative and intuitive homes for an effortless, economic and environmentally responsible lifestyle.

Our Mission

We aim to combine the finest quality construction and amenities with environment-friendly design features to save energy and cost for our clients.

The minds and hearts behind your homes

Veda Ventures is led by Mr. Vinay Chudiwal, an experienced professional for more than 20 years. He is actively involved in every aspect of the exciting journey of seeing your home transform from paper to real. For Mr. Chudiwal, Veda Ventures is based on four vital fundamentals of knowledge, purity, integrity and honesty; and it is his dedication that has earned Veda the trust and respect it enjoys today.




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Veda Ventures

1st Floor, Office No. F3,
Metropole Building,
Bundgarden Road, Next to Inox Multiplex,
Pune, Maharashtra, 411001.

Telephone: +91-20-26121314

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